Monday, January 22, 2018

Bill Macy :'It's Hard To Be a Man These Days'

Mr. Macy, you are so correct. I pointed this out on this site a year or so ago. Of course, all common sense men agree that NO WOMAN SHOULD BE RAPED. We do not believe that ALL women who claim to have been raped are telling the 'whole truth and nothing but the truth'.

We do not believe anyone should be discriminated because of race or gender. The Constitution was written for everyone to have an equal opportunity. Even so there are limits. For example, a coach cannot let everyone on the team that 'try's out.. Same is true in all of life sectors where only so many can be on any type of team, sports, business,etc

We respect a woman's right to their body. We know there are louts who need to be put in their place at the moment of the happening. We also know that some women use their femininity to get things they desire. That is up to them but they should not claim sexual harassment weeks or years later. If their objections at the time lead to their losing their jobs; then there are the courts and other jobs.

Has there been mis-justice? Yes, the mis-carriage of justice has been seen in our courts and in law enforcement. But less than in the past and nowhere near what women, and  some men, experience in some other major parts of the world

We believe in women's rights, we want the death penalty for anyone who sexually assaults anyone resulting in death, should be given life or a death sentence. While we believe in equality, we do not believe all women are equal to another nor equal to all men. That is why we have men and women sports, no woman plays professional football and no boy or man should play on a girls, say, basketball team, and vice versa. There are many cases in sports using mixed doubles in tennis where both or all genders play as a team. That's why acting jobs go to anyone of gender, race or beliefs. But like all life, not everyone fits the need of the director. Or whoever is in charge.

In business, most all businesses give women equal opportunity but skills and merit must enter in or we will become socialists. If the goal set by the organization and.or the union, is to 'turn out 10 widgets a day' and some of any gender turn out ten or 12 widgets a day while some can only turn out 5 or 6 a day, merit and skills should determine PAY and who gets and holds the position.

Same is true in Hollywood or New York. Or wherever.

In sports, like life, we believe no woman or man should be given a job based strictly on the basis of race or gender.. In sports, usually at a very young age, teams or indiviuals (use figure skating as an example) are selected by the skills or skills needed.

Women of all colors have come a very LONG WAY. To look back is important, but to look FORWARD should be one's goal in life. We agree no woman (or man) should be 'hit on' without permission. But common sense says there are many ways to repond, politily. then, if they do not  get your message, then up the tempo with last resort the press and the courtroom.

Looking back TOO much causes confusion and as Mr. Macy says, " it appears ALL men are under attack" by a sometimes militant group.

Protesting is always good. In my blogs, I often protest. We should just not be 'carried away'.

So good in many ways but so sad in other ways.

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