Monday, January 22, 2018

Lot's of Confusion In the White House In Trump's First Year In Office

Deep down, he didn't really think he would be President. He had held no political office, was known as a 'wheeler-dealer' in the business world. He entered television on the basis of 'do it my way or the highway'. He entered government the same way.

Goverment doesn't work work like business. Voters are one huge difference. Different viewpoints by members of different partties, checks and balances, polical pressure, political correctness, committees, the opinions of the news mediass,

Ok, enough has been written, tweeted, or said about all the mistakes he has made. But he is slowly getting the picture of how government works. Government is slow, difusing, confusing, sometmes corrupt, 'you rub my back, 'I'll rub yours'; with lot's of members of the 'good old boys and girls club'

Trump has a big ego. His faults would fill a page or two. But the choice?? I made the right one even though I differ with our President on many issues.

The voters had two choices at the end of the campaigns. They chose him through the Electoral College. This system has been the law for decades and should not be changed. If anything should be changed it is the voting districts: many efforts have been made to make it a more fair system but neither party, when in majority, wish to re-district..

However, with all his faults, he has made this country relatively safe from organized terrorist. he picked a fair and Conservative Supreme Court Justice whose vote last week corrected an Obama failure. He has enacted a new tax bill that does not please everyone but he got a more fair tax bill passed. He has caused an awareness of how this country was "sugar daddy' to the world in general and is taking steps to even up the sugar; I could go on an on, but be more patient, protest and elect people who will protect this country and the Constitution and who do NOT MAKE EVERY DECISION BASED ON THEIR BEING RE-ELECTED.

Make your opinions known on FACTS not fake news so prevelant in most of our medias, and taught in lower and higher education today.

President Trump wishes to show a cruel world the the U.S.A. will not  turn the other cheek when assualted by verbiage or action. He does not seek conflict but he want's this country to be prepared when other do seek conflict.

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