Sunday, January 14, 2018

Iranian Revolts Smashed??

Probably, if the military didn't join in the revolt with them, it's dead and so will be a lot more protestors. Many will never be see again ever and there will probably be some public hangings.

Why don't so many unhappy minorities in the U.S. A move to some of these happy countries and live happily everafter?

I've read a lot about the events leading up to the overthrow of the Shah. I recommended one book to my readers that detailed how it was almost impossible to express and opinion during the revolt as so many different factions with different motives might kill those on the wrong side.. That revolt and I suspect this revolt was had some inspring help through our Secret Service oganizations who have spies in every counry worth being on the map, Haiti included.  I hired an Iranian whose father was a General under the Shah. His fanily and the Shah made it out of the country and were welcomed here.

Sorry to offend some of my readers but differences in intrerpretation of  religous tomes and legends are perhaps the major reason for the choas in the Mid-East. That choas is heading in our direction rapidly.

Out President is CORRECT in being more selective. Of course, we need more legal emigrees from Europe. Again, one doesn't need to be a rocket scietist to figure why?

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