Friday, January 19, 2018

Kroger Closings?

Should have seen it coming. Former customers doing more shopping online, at Target and Aldis  No such thing as a Mom and Pop store anymore.  A big change came and wiped them all out. Maybe an Aldis of a Save a Lot will enter with guaranteed financing by the City.

Financied by the City? Sure, remember the one they helped finance on far South Adams, Lasted a year of so. Remember City financied Cub Store on Knoxvill still sitting vacant?

And now some want to gamble on buying the water company when most of us are satisfied with American Water Company. We don't trust the City as we ride it's disastrous roadways they don't have the money to really rebuild. Keep filling in those potholes that don't take away the bumpy roller coaster rides. And the City would have to borrow all the money; about $200 million to  buy the waterr compamy and 30 year interest payments on the loan.

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