Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hey, Jorge, You Became a Criminal the Day You Snuck Illegally Into This Country

You sure have been able to put one over on this nation of wimps. Here you are, illegally in this country for decades, while you could have returned to your roots in 2009 if Obama had any balls. I compare you with many of the women crying rape or all types of sexual harrassment, some true but late in accusing.  While the accused men are mostly defenseless, you, Jorge, a proven criminal have been free of any critisism,  arrest or deportation, while defended by the 'bleeding hearts'. who twice elected a man bent on selling and sometimes, forcing he and his wife's culture on this country

Yes, Jorge isn't this a great country? Did you drop a thank you note to Barack when he retired?  I did,.I thanked him for retiring while wishing he had retired earlier.

You should have aent him a note and a bouquet.  But, Jorge, I still have balls, though old, President Trump and I want you out of this country until you can enter legally. Take your family with you. Lot's of jobs in thecountry of your birthand roots. And your family probably have a lot of your relatives to take you all in just like we do in the good old U.S.A.

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