Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Killing Fields of the U.S.A.

161,000 of our people died in preventable accidents last year. One killed every minute. One injured every second.

40,000 killed by vehicle. Of these 40,000, more than 50% were alcohol related.

38,000 killed by overdosing.

When ONE member of our armed services gets killed, it's cause to blame President Trump for it happening and then blame him again for not calling at once and to offer his condolwences.

Some people make me sick. We are a nation of complainers, drunks, drug users, perpetual speeders, illegals, and terrorist most of who are legal immigrants.

We are addicted to every type of seeing, sending and listening devicee and we are just getting started.

New Jersey lawmakers have susposedly passsed a law making it illegal to navigate a drone while drunk. Drones are now in hands of the mentally ill and terrorists.

In future years, added to the above deaths and injuries, will be those caused by drones. Suggest all of those who make me sick, install plate glass windows with steel bars.

I know I shouldn't print this. This nation's biggest concern is 'sexual harrassmen. Now, all the 'ME' people are hating Brigette Bardot. Hey, Brigette, I still love you.

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