Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Message For Terry Bibo - Reporter For the CW - January Issue

50 Feet of snow? POSSIBLE she writes. Thank Climate change. Ok, everyone, even President Trump believes in climate change. The sob sisters in the media believe it is caused by those that help finanially support these sob sisters who write ridiculous articles in the CW: and spouted by all hard left leaning medias that climate change is caused by manufactures, power plants, etc. (Most of these  local male and female sob sisters hold taxpayer supported jobs somewhere in the Democrat controlled State of Illinois, hold Democrat desk job positions in Peoria, Springfield and especially Chicago and count on these polluters to pay for their jobs).

I's asking Ms. Bibo to look up facts about the 'little ice age in Europe that started around the 1300's." Wikipedia tells all. Ask what caused this Ice Age? Amd the glaciers that came out of the North and stopped just short of Eureka, Il.? What caused them to stop in Europe and recede?  And why these glaciers pulled back just a scant 10,000 years ago??

Were these climate changes caused ny pollution from power plants, manufacturers currently blamed bdy Al Gore types; blamed for a possible 50 feet of snow soon to fall on certain places in the U.S.A.?

She knows but the truth seldom fits the hard left's agenda. Why don't these Al Gore types pick and China, India, and Russia, the biggest polluters in the world?

Good question, Merle. So sad.

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