Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hourly Occurances - How the Media Distorts the News

Jamacian ILLEGAL detained on bus. Then comes the distortion. It shows a Greyhound Bus out on a road. The Greyhound was at a bus loading station not traveling or out on any road. #2. The Border Control has the legal right to interdict any person being sought for evading the law. 3. Media tries to aroue anger by saying woman was here to visit family.who evidentldy live in the Miami area. Why didn't the family go to see her in Jamacia? Didn't have the money? Then move back to Jamacia where I'm sure earnings are much higher than the U.S.A. #4. The media didn't say where she was heading. The Border Contrrol Security knew where she was heading and it about 99% likely she was heading for a Sactuary like New York City, rife with ILLEGALS. Why didn't the media say where she was heading?

She was evading the law. The far-left and 'bleeding' hearts are not concerned about lawbreakers if it can help them open our borders to all, rapist, murderers, con and scam experts. thieves ILLEGALS and criminals of any type.

The reporters writing or tweeting on this event: efortts to evade the law that will become more common, knew. Very easy for them to find out. If they can get in a persons bedroom., they can ask a bus station employee who would be glad to tell them for a 10 or 20. Yes, reporters often pay small and large sums for dirt of any kind.


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