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Ban All Nudity Posted 12/12/2004

Ban All Nudity??

So the Republican Governor of Vermont objects to a table lamp featuring a replica of “The Greek Slave” – a chained nude female crafted by a Vermont artist in 1843 that became an icon of the abolitionist movement before the Civil War. An aide to the Governor said “the governor does not object to the art but how do you explain to a third grade why there is a nude Greek Slave on the governor’s desk”.

This brings me to a conversation I had with a friend recently. This man was all excited to tell me there was a move underway in Peoria to get people to sign petitions banning nudity in Peoria. I asked him where it was going to be banned. In the bedroom? On the street? In the Civic Center? Exactly where? He said “you know where I mean”. I said no I don’t and that caused the subject to change.

Now I don’t want people walking around the mall naked. I see enough near nakedness there anyway, and though I respect the rights of all women, I believe most people should keep their clothes on in public. I’ve spent too much time on the beaches in Florida turning my head so that I can’t see those overweight people wearing what look like jock straps and thongs.

I suspect that nearly all children by the third grade have seen more anatomy than someone with a fundamentalist approach to life, would prefer. Very little is left to imagination even in advertising, television, computer, comic books, museums, art galleries or you name it.

If we wish to turn this country into a group of people who are ashamed of how the human body looks without clothes, I suggest we have much in common with men who keep women in subjugation and some of you might be more comfortable in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Don’t count on me as one of you. The Saudi’s won’t even let women athletes compete in shorts or a swim suit. In fact, I don’t believe they can even wear dresses in public. Don’t they wear Burkas (probably misspelled and I really don’t care if it is!) or some sort of total body cover-up? Boy those men must sure be jealous!!

Anyway I am not a “how you look policeman”. I people wish to embarrass themselves in public, why, hey, this is supposed to be a free country, isn’t it?

Anyway back to the governor. I suggest he cloth the slave woman in a bikini and everyone including the children will be more comfortable or does the governor think the kids don’t go near men and women swimming or competing in ballet and other near nudity activities? Then maybe one of these third graders will ask “did they wear bikinis and thongs while they were slaves? That might be a harder question to answer!!

For all those people pushing their beliefs and values on the rest of us I say look after yourself and your clan and your ilk. No one has to look at nudity and as far as most of us are concerned, they can cover their bodies they way they want. I guess I don’t blame some of the leadership of the “ban nudity” sponsorship; I sure don’t want to see some of them naked!! I have always believed that it wasn’t nakedness that causes a rise in men and women’s testosterone, but they way some people dress and act.

However; I see beauty in all of creation.

Speaking of beauty, the Poinsettia from Hoerr’s this year were as beautiful as last year. Thanks to all the people who bought them from me. I raised approximately $450.00 for the Optimist Club, 100% of the money will go to youth groups and we can only hope it will be well spent.

Election Referendum Revisited Again!! If you scroll my archives you will find this topic. I wrote about this referendum to bring the City Election Commission into the County where by law it should be. If you recall, hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars would have been saved every year. However, the company selling the City Election Commission their supplies and maintenance donated $2500 dollars to the campaign and City Election employees donated many more thousands in advertising to mislead and confuse the issue and in turn, confuse the voter. Also, if you recall, th

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