Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Dick Durbin, A 'Swamp' Democrat Senator Should Acccomplish Something.

He learned how to hone his ability to lie with a straight face. Whether Trump actually called some North African countries like Somalia a shit-houses or shit-holes, our President was pretty much on the mark. Why are so many fleeing North Africa and trying to get and getting into Europe and the United States of America?

Ask travel agents how many black 'leaders' people, white people like Durbin are visiting these places while people in certain N. African Countries are actually dying from disease and starvation and drowning while trying to GET OUT?  Most of their politcal leadeers are rotten to the core.

Durbin, like all Trump haters, is a member or the Democrat party that had decimated D.C. for 16 out of the past 17 years. He will do or say anything to get in front of the left-wing Socialist leaning mainsstream media and spout his practised venom.

He loves, like all Democrats and militant blacks  'preaching to the choir'.

And try to embarrass Trump who Democrats are finding it  harder and harder to do. Because Trump knows he is on the right path to make  'America Great Again'.

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