Thursday, January 25, 2018

Left--Wing Democrat (Socialist) Mainstream Media and U.S.A. Fiirst

These National Inquirer types can't even use common sense. Any country that doesn't put the welfare of their own citizenry FIRST is bound to fail eventually. Our country, my country and hopefully yours, through our President Donald Trump, is putting a stop to the rest of the world using our country as a 'sugar daddy" in the dozens of ways they have been using us under Democrats mostly and too many Republicans.

It's long ben written that if  'you don't love yourself, most likely you will not be able to REALLY love some one else. Putting yourself or your country first does not mean that you cannot love a whole lot of others.

However, putting others down WITHOUT REASON is not showing that you care.

Trump has a reason to put other countries down and a reason to carefully screen those seeking to enter this country, enfore laws already on the books and show that ttthey must  cross our borders legally.

To enter this land of once common sense and still a land of opportunity. Otherwise, why would so many want to come here?

And yes, we need more legal immigrants with SKILLS. It appears we have enough people trying to get into this country 'by hook or crook' that have no skills whatsoever..

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