Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Facebook Multi-Billionaire Chief Is a Smooth Very Intelligent Fabricator

After watching two days of mark Zuckerberg's testimony before Congress members, I conclude these things: he is far more intelligent than the two committee chairpeople, one who asked how Facebook made it's money. Zuckerberg had to explain to this 30 year Congressman that it was by selling ads. What Zuckerberg didn't mention that they make their money in many other ways that those of you who have had your privacy violated, are aware.

Will you ever get your private writing and pictures back? Not hardly. Downloaded your private information you never suspected anyone would see?  Zuckerberg says, you should have been aware of that possibility. That when you signed up, you should have read the small print. The company claims to have over 2 billion viewers worldwide.

Zuckerberg said that his company never tries to influence politics, yet it is proven that he, as a liberal Democrat, made every effort to get Hillary elected and to demean Trump.

He also said that users did NOT have to pay to remove unwanted ads. Well, I tried and it does cost me, at least, to stop unwanted ads on my site. But then maybe it is Google. Zuckerberg said he believed there had to some regulation of the Internet.

No kidding.

I hate to do it because I have so many friends using Facebook, but I believe it's time for me to stick to my blogging and cancel my Facebook account.

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