Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Diamond and Silk Prove and A Republican prove Zuckerberg the Liar He Is

Zuckerberg lied before Congress today when he stated banned Diamond Diamond and Silk: black Trump supporters, had been put back on Facebook. At 10 PM Central time tonight in a interview with Laura Ingraham, my type of factual news reporter, both denied that this has happened.

Zuckerberg, a smooth, arrogant left-wing liberal, multi-multi billionaire and his minions are so anti-Trump, their pedicured toe nails turn red with anger each time they hear he has done something for the overall benefit of this nation.

Sorry, friends, I must on principle, pull my Facebook account as soon as possible. More prejudice by the Zuckerberg will be exposed on Fox TV. I very much doubt you will read about this lie in the Washington Post-Journal Star Democrat combine but I''ll look for it tomorrow at Peoria Heights fine library.

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