Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Michael Savage 2016 Book Titled, "Scorched Earth" Didn't All happen Because Hillary Lost

If you haven't read this confronting, intelligent, politically incorrect author before, this is a must read book for all who are tired of all the romance and sex laden crap being published for those who lack both in their lives.

In this book you will read inside what is written on the book's back cover. "Can the nation recover from Obama's scorched earth policies? Progressive policies and open borders have poisoned America, Our Constitution has been trampled by a divisive president and America is a third world nation (he must have visited Peoria, Il. and driven our crumbling infrastructure) of terror, riots, murder, mobs and chaos".

Fortunately Trump won over Hillary and some of the 'scorched earth' policies are slowly being repaired. Yet, I believe that the mainstream media, the Establishment and Old Guard Republicans and the ass-like Democrat leaders will prevent Trump from accomplishing his "Make America Great Again" mission.

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