Thursday, July 13, 2017

Skilled Workers - Lack of in the U.S.A. Why?? Leaders, Get It In Your Thick Heads That All Kids Are NOT Colllege Material

Look up my old blog under Widmer Peoria Watch this subject of more than a decade ago, I explain in detail the upcoming shortage. Dan Silverthorn of PALM addressed the Southwest Kiwanis Club on this concern. He, as I, have tried to get the message across that we needed VOCATIONAL EDUCATION yet the public schools were trying to teach all kids as if they were college material. At least half of them were not and never will be. But in this country our failed leadership demands a college degree or degrees for almost all types of work. Yet many high paying jobs SHOULD NOT require a College degree. Some effort was made by #150 when they created 4 Academy schools. The idea failed miserably and the Academy System was eventually dropped. (See more om my old blogs about why they failed) Then an effort was made to establish Woodruff High as a Vocational School. That idea, according to my observation and from those who have visited and observed, is close to an abject failure. Now efforts are made by #150 to make Vocational training more available. We have hundreds of retired skilled workers who would be happy to pass on their skills to youth. But few programs allow these non-college grad people to help out. Why not? Because the unions and school boards feel these skilled retirees would take jobs away from mostly poorly schooled teachers. Money was just released to allow #150 and other schools to hire more guidance teachers in schools. (My old blogs always said we needed more SILLED guidance people)They should start vocational needs as early as 6th grade but I;m sure the money will be spent in high schools and will concentrate on college bound students rather than the badly needed skilled vocations workers. Vocations may need to be SOLD to the youths by people who HAVE ACTUALLY MADE A RELATIVELY HIGH STAND OF LIVING WITHOUT A COLLEGE DEGREE. At one time Pekin had one of the best vocational schools in the nation. Hope they still do. Shame on this country and their leadership that we have a lack of skilled Vocational candidates where a college degree SHOULD NOT BE REQUIRED.

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