Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Looting, Survival or Absence of Law?

Some in the media called looting on the delta, survival. Not hardly. It has been proven thousands of times that the human body can go a long time without food. What a shame for the human race to see black (mostly) and white members of the human species hauling of all they could figure out how to steal. What a great but sad sight to see a black police officer leveling a shotgun at these looters, making them drop the merchandise and run.

This country should be able, in times of national disasters such as the one in the delta, to immediately declare martial law, put all officers of public safety under the protection of military law, and authorize judges to speedily move these actions into temporary law. Grant the right of trial by a military tribunal, if any so authorized who might be indicted for shooting a person in acts such as pillage. Find judges who would speedily move all processes thru an abbreviated court system.

It is way past time to bring some of our troop’s home from oversea bases and use them in situations such as these. If we can authorize the closing of military bases in our own country where crime and violence is rampant, surely we have justification to protect our own people at home first.

Unfortunately we are supposedly such a benevolent country that the pacifists among us, frighten our political correct politicians into failing to look after the majority of us with common sense. An article in today’s JS, told of the rape and murder of children by an adult, who was then in turn, killed by an enraged community. If there is a follow-up to this story in the media, it probably will be that the matter of prosecution was pursued for a while and then common sense would allow minimal punishment or the charges dropped. Had such a thing happened in this country, all involved in the carrying out of justice, would, after prodigious amounts of dollars spent on attorneys and our court system, be sentenced to long prison terms all at public cost. That would be the penalty in this country for eliminating a deranged abnormality of the human race. In Iraq, those peace loving terrorists would immediately lop of the head of the suspect and carry it to the public square. Yes, I know we are a country of laws. If all the laws of the land were compiled in one place, the paper would fill a freight car. Lots of laws with often times, a shortage of common sense.

No, I do not advocate taking the law in your own hands except in the protection of life. I do believe in the death penalty in certain instances and I would authorize the use of laser guns or buckshot on anyone looting who did not stop and drop there loot immediately.

As a country, we are highly influenced by people of the ilk of Al Sharpton and Martin Sheen and other drug dazed or morally corrupt Hollywood types. Even an apparently semi demented Joan Baez has surfaced. If this trend of weakness of political will continues, I see the possibility of a person similar to past European dictators, rising to fill the leadership void created by the enablers, the politically correct, the weak jurists, tort attorneys and the pacifists. Back in the 1920 and thirties, many people in America thought Hitler was Europe’s version of Charlie Chaplin. What a tragic mistake people like Joe Kennedy and Neville Chamberlain made.

It can happen here! Looters, thieves and thugs described as survivalists? How sad.


pollypeoria said...

Survivalists would take baby formula, diapers, bottled water and food - not beer. Or atleast they would take formula and food along with the beer. Pathetic.

Merle Widmer said...


A reverse racist on the O'Reilly show, which I occasionally watch. said that the police should be arresting ther Doctors and medical aid people who broke in a pharmacy to get supplies need to save lives. I suspect a record was kept of what what taken and the drug store will be reimbursed plus damages to property. Unfortunately, in this "if I don't steal it, someone else will" a chain reaction of looting was started.

People follow the lead of the government. Just look at all the "loot" given to each state and stolen from the taxpayers in the Highway Bill, always most of the "loot" going to the state represented by the chairman; Stevens of Alaska will get $1500 per resident

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