Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bradley University Political Science Professors - 'Them Thats' Smarter Then the Rest Of Us

One, who wears an interesting headpiece, has recently told us how wise he is as published in the "Spotlight" of the JS. (A retired doctor rebutted him once as I posted on this site. The doctor is much wiser than 80% of any college health/political science/social engineering professor). The second published Bradley "wise" man says that private schools are a "no-no and public schools turn out better products. Ho-ho. Another Bradley wise man told us how bad Trump is doing. Surely my readers know that 80% of all teachers in the public sector and many in the private sector, such as Bradley, are Democrats. Especially those who teach political science or social studies. If you want your High School grads to get a "fair and balanced" education, send them to schools such as Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan. And Economics. Wasn't it two Bradley Professors who claimed that the new Peoria Riverfront Museum would bring in $16 million MEW dollars into our community. What happened? Let's see, how many tax dollars would have flowed into Peoria from that nebulous $16 million? I never heard from them again on the subject. Most have probably forgotten that the referendum vote to build the museum succeeded by only 400 votes out of 30,000 cast. Nor do i hear any more from the JS as to how many "full priced" visitors visit the artsy museum. Like I never heard from the JS how many dollars are brought in from outside the area visitors. some may recall that the original name of the museum was to be "Peoria Regional Museum. Hmmm.

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