Thursday, June 07, 2018

:LeBronJames Is An Overgrown Thug With Athletic Ability - Mainly He Has Size and Brute Strength

He comes to game 3 in Laker colors after bragging that he was already in contract conversations with four other NBA teams that have players who are 'winners' like himself instead of like his 'loser' teammates in Cleveland.

Instead of playing like a winner in game 3, he instead tried to 'bull' his way to the basket, trying to knock down anyone who dared to challenge him.

Prediction: This bully will NEVER play on an NBA  winner in the rest of his career. It appears that almost ALL black players (exclude Shawn Livingston who is a real winner) in the NBA think their 'shit doesn't stink'. It probably does stink more that most people considering all the drugs they ingest. White basketball players seldom challenge any black player on any level..  Not if they want to get the ball passed to them.

So sad that I didn't care who won. I would have preferred 'neither'.

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