Sunday, June 10, 2018

Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron - In Like "Lions and Out Like Sheep"

Did LeBron have his Laker Colors in the locker room before his embarrassment in the 'washout ' of game four? He states that the Warriors had 5 better starters than Cleveland and a far better bench. He didn't mention that the Warriors also had a better coach and no unstable player like LeBron.

I doubt that LeBron will hang out in Cleveland this summer. He will try to 'hook' up in LA and the Hollywood scene, Lot's of young chicks and groupies. Rumors aree that his kids are already enrolled in the LA area in the Brentwood School District.

He was a meek brute on the floor of game four and a hypocrite in his teams locker room.

He now claims he played last three games with a hand injured when he punched a white board in the Cav's locker room. What a thug athlete.

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