Monday, June 11, 2018

Jeff Sesssions, United States Attorney General - We Need Thouands More Similair in Belief

Moved to block asylum to thousands of people, mostly women, fleeing a dozen different countries, from coming here with their kids, most of who will be unemployed (mothers now and gang members by age 11) having no skills and no education making them rife targets for M-13 (which now has women M-13 gang leaders)

I am not sure Trump can save this country from lunacy. If he can't, the bloody revolution I predicted is on the horizon. How soon, depends on some of the Republicans and most Democrats of coming to their senses.

Most Independents I know have a feel as to what is happening but no real idea of what is really happening in the big cities where smart people are moving out and trouble is moving in because houses in certain areas can be purchased cheaply and they can be near their buddies.

Peoria, though not considered a big city, is no exception.

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