Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Darin Lahood - I'm Proud of You

You had the guts to step forward and put your party before personalities. You know that IF the Republicans lose the Presidency,  or even the House and the Senate, that the Republican Party will be on the outside looking in for a long long time.

Maybe forever as those minorities now reproduce 2-3 times as people like you and I.and 80% will vote for a socialistic type of government that WILL DESTROY THIS COUNTRY EVENTUALLY.

Every Republican who stays at home in November will be casting a vote for the FAR worst of two Presidential Candidates. The left-leaning liberal medias will jump on every Trump campaign error while paying lip service to the horrendous mistakes of much of the Democrat leadership.

The last 24 hours have been all about Mrs.Trump's speech while Hillary and Black Lives Matter get a free pass. Hillary should be indicted by now and BLM leaders should be arrested for preaching anarchy resulting in the death of at least a dozen innocent police people.

Did anyone go back and check all the speeches ever made by all Presidential Candidates wives? Don't expect anyone in the liberal media to do that and they most likely would not report it if Mrs Obama committed plagiarism. Perhaps, since the words are so sincere and said by so many people who are NOT on a public stage, it is very likely some some other potential first lady said the very words that Mrs. Obama spoke?

Darin, you have a promising career. Try to talk sense into people like your Dad who, like ALL people has most likely said hundreds or uncomplimentary things behind peoples's back. Not being a political correct person, I try to put  my "truths" in blog form. Not all all of them but but I do print many such as telling people what most people already know that Stock Broker Jim Stowell is an arrogant man who got his start from his Dad's name and not his talents. I know. He at one time worked for me and was at one time, my stock broker.

Best wisher Darin.  

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