Wednesday, July 20, 2016

RNC - Violence and Choas? Sure Was When Ted Cruz Literally Cut His own Throat Tonight

Virtual reality blood flowed as Cruz made his opening statements to start his 2020 Presidential campaign tonight in Cleveland at the expense of Donald Trump. Cruz, always a weenie but a favorite of the far right Republicans in Peoria County, totally cut his slim chance to be elected President of the U.S.A. in 2020.

Maybe in Cuba but not here. As a Christian myself, I can only say, thank God. Trump showed his true character by letting Cruz speak even thorough he knew Cruz was not going to endorse him.

I'll repeat myself. You don't have to like any Republican Presidential Candidate to support him or her. But to try to hand the lying, corrupt Hillary Cabal the right to appoint Supreme Court and Federal Judges all with a socialist bent will mark the end of the "shining city on the hill"

Or did I just commit a plagiarism??? Or maybe another one: Dear God, let Hillary further ruin this great country.

Overall, mark up another successful night for the GOP. And credit both CNN and FOX for not as yet, giving much press to the would be violent protesters. Like "Black Lives Matter" outside lining the streets..

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