Monday, October 15, 2012

Funding Illinois Teachers's Pensions Fair to the Taxpayer?

Don't interpret this blog as a slight against teachers of which the majority do the best they can do with matieral they have to work with and circumstances far from ideal. But the funding of their pensions is weird and unfair to those who pay property taxes.

I suspect that 90% do not know that the State of Ilinois pays for teacher pensions but the local school board doles out the benefits and salaries destroying any accountability for pension spending.

Public school boards dominated by Democrats in almost all large cities are weak and are supportive of the unions who in effect, control the schools.

The public school system in general is rotten mainly in the larger cities. The systems reputation is generally poor and in some cases bad and very bad. I've posted possible solutions and many other efforts have been made to improve the system without the need of charter schools. In my opinion , it is too late in the game as our need for graduates who can read, compose and compute, have integrity and a work ethic, a willingness to work and take responsibility, is sadly lacking.

Jobs requiring these types of graduates go unfilled even with a large (yet inadequate) numbers of immigrants taking these positions.

The most fair system to the citizens of this country, are the charter schools, that nearly always surpass the public system in turning out an acceptable quality product.

As long as the unions and weak school board control the product quality expect to see worse results than we are seeing today. But too many people who have succeeded are not willing to serve the time on school boards nor the time to fight the unions and their lawyers.

So sad.

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