Monday, October 15, 2012

Peoria Illinois Journal Star Again Show Their Liberal Left Leanings

In the view of the editors on October 13, Biden-Ryan split the debate with a slight edge to Biden. !2 years ago this same paper tried their best to smear me even publishing that they couldn't understand how I could be elected Vice-Chairman by my peers twice, let alone three times elected to a Democrat controlled Peoria County Board, starting at the age of 75 and retiring at 85, the last time by a 15-3 vote.

Had Ryan or anyone this paper disagrees with had acted the fool as our VICE-PRESIDENT did,  the Journal Star would have crucified them.

This paper, who has again failed  to deliver their paper this morning because of some evidently massive problem, still tries to fool the people that the privatization of ones Social Security would confuse and befuddle the older recipient.

This despite the Republicans stating that privatization would be an OPTION, not a requirement.

Time and time again.

The JS says, "both candidates can smirk with the best of them". Smirk Joe, a man a heartbeat away from being PRESIDENT of this great county,  made a complete ass of himself while Ryan was gentleman except when Biden would tell an outrageous lie.

The biased camera people evidently attempted to show Ryan as "stressed" as 6 times did they show Ryan taking a drink of water yet never once did they show Biden taking a drink.

In an hour and a half "debate" didn't Smirky Joe take a drink??

Previously, this editorial board had taken Governor Romney to task on any slip-ups he mad such as the 47 and which is closer to the truth when you count all those who cheat to get the Obama to support them, the majority of those employed by all governments including the Democrat controlled Peoria County, 80% of union employees, all the radicals from environment to those who issue free condoms in middle schools: Chavez and Castro, who both endorsed Obama and their supporters living here as well as most Sharia Muslims and legal and illegal immigrants and favored major corporations. (Those not on Obama's hit list)

Romney was PRIVATELY COMMENTING and in no way did he mean veterans and seniors. I do not recall this editorial board EVER commenting on an Obama slip or lie, of which there have been too many to list here.

Left leaning liberal medial lives in Peoria. Could that be another reason why most building in Peoria has been by tax-collecting bodies, like the new museum, and no major tax-paying private industry??

Good question, same as I've asked before.

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