Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire"

A somewhat disappointing Town Hall debate.

The moderator is to be congratulated for doing the best job she could do under the aggressive tactics of both the challenger and the incumbent. Two very large egos, one with success in the private sector and one bent on government control of this nation.

A lot of truth stretching. Especially by Obama as he didn't and doesn't have much of a success story on which he could honestly brag.

Obama constantly used his favorite redundant declarations, "It is very important to understand" (no I don't) and, "move the economy forward" (which he hasn't) and "nobody cares more about _______ than I do" (that is very debatable). He used his usual demagoguery to throw out figures that were at most, half-truths.

Outrageous that Obama kept calling terrorists "folks". He said he'd seek justice for "the folks who messed with Americans" at the Benghazi embassy in Libya. No Obama: they are TERRORISTS who KILLED Ambassador Stevens and other brave Americans.

Obama lied about the Benghazi cover-up, which is far worse than Watergate. Obama seems to be making Hillary Clinton fall on the sword for Obama. Rush Limbaugh claims this is probably because Obama is paying off Hillary's 2008 campaign debts. She owes Obama big time.

The fact remains: Susan Rice and Robert Gibbs of the Obama camp were trotted out for days and days, reciting the "it was a spontaneous protest about a video" lie, when the State Department claims they never gave that as the reason for the Libyan embassy attack. But Obama doesn't attend security briefings. He's too busy golfing, campaigning, and hanging around millionaire elites like Hollywood celebrities (so-called).

I think Romney lost a little of his "coolness" after Obama made some serious misstatements especially on the tragedy at Benghazi.

It was wonderful hearing Romney quote Joe Biden's gaff about how "the middle class has been buried these last 4 years". But why didn't Romney preface the remark with "As your own Vice President has stated...."??? Romney missed opportunities to be really tough and triumphant, without looking like a bully or braggart.

Most of the 90 minutes was spent on the same statements I have heard over Obama's 45 months in office and what Romney said he would do to create more jobs and reduce unemployment.

I'm not sure how NRA took Romney's position on "automatic weapons already banned" which is not a true statement and no mention of those who collect all kinds of dangerous weapons as a hobby. Nor did Romney use the term that it isn't guns that kill, it is people who use any weapon  to kill or severely maim.

Romney had to be politically correct and could not attack the belligerent unions in the public sector, especially in the public schools.

Obama conceded that millions of "low skill jobs" will never return to America. So what are those with low skills supposed to do? Collect food stamps and apply for fraudulent "mental disability" seems to be the Obama solution.

Obama could not explain why there are 600,000 jobs requiring skills not available that can not be filled by the unemployed. No mention was made of the generally poor performance of the public school system except to encourage more parental involvement, more married "with children" families and hiring more teachers.

It is my firm belief that from Obama's previous statements that he believes that more teachers and new schools (infrastructure) would solve the question of why 600,000 jobs go unfilled with 23 million people unemployed.

Jobs going overseas? Romney missed the opportunity to make an "off-hand" comment that many foreign companies have established themselves in the U.S.A. and employ hundreds of thousands of our workers.

OK, past my bedtime but I conclude that polls will remain about the same with neither party, if they are HONEST could for see this debate as making any appreciable swing in voter sentiment.

Summation: Romney could have done better but I know it is hard to keep cool when so many outright lies and misconceptions need to be confronted. He came close at times, but couldn't quite close the sale

As the JSEB will say in a couple of days that Obama had a slight edge over Romney. I would say the opposite and wish that Romney would have had the opportunity to explain the 47% which i've stated who he really included on my of my recent blogs.

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