Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney Lacks Obama's Snake Oil Saleman's Charm

As the United States of America becomes more "politically correct" for fear of offending people who secretely hate us such as the radical terrorists of Islam and the liberal press, it is refreshing to have Romney 'tell it like it is" that as this country moves to Socialism., more and more people are dependent on ALL levels of government.

While his figures may not be 100% they are better than the half-truths and the liberal press feed us on a daily basis. Take myself. If another person or two benefits from my SS or my union common sense friend, who has a wife living off his large (73,000 union pension) and his wife benefits off SS, whose grown kids benefit from living in these parent's home, those whose food stamps serve an additional variety of relatives and friends, need I go on.

Romney need not apologize. He needs to hit on growth through more stability of our government, more entrepenuers like Bain Equity, less government regulation on all of us less freebies with no responsibility and use phrases similair to the one Regean used "There you go again".

As a frriend once told me to "loosen up", I say, loosen up. Mitt and give them hell like Harry did.

And if some of uou old guard Republicans still want to bring his religion into the political arena, I suggest you read "Muslims, Mormons and Liberals", WSJ dated 9/18/12, by Bret Stephens, also found at bstephens@wsj/.com

Bret closes by writing, "Obama came to office promising ( this was his promise number 211)that he would start a new conversation with the Muslim world, one that lectiured less and listened more".

So, Barak, how are your classes going? I suggest you ask the dead you are RESPONSIBLE for, especially the four who died under YOUR protection in Libya.

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