Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dustin Stockton Says

Dear Informed Citizen,

Recently, the Daily Caller published a story in which a liberal Super PAC made the case that, in order to be successful, the left should not discuss policy but instead attack the character of Republicans.

Matthew Arnold, a leader of the liberal CREDO Super PAC said:

“When we said that Steve King … is pro-life and believes in cutting Social Security and voted for the Ryan budget, no one cared. When we said Steve King’s a racist, Steve King believes that immigrants ought to be put in electric fences, people moved.”And with that, the truth was finally out.

This disgusting approach to politics is what separates us from the left: they believe in smears, while we believe in ideas. They attack for the sake of partisanship, while we actually want to solve the country's problems.

But Arnold makes one good point: attacks are effective. Fighting for ideas, by contrast, is a lot harder. Which is why it's so important that every conservative becomes a warrior the battle of ideas.

By sharing stories, and making the case for conservative values on social media and blogs, we can overcome the ugliness of liberal politics and strike a blow for decency, sound policy, and American Greatness.

The fight goes on, Dustin StocktonNow Live At DustinStockton.comhttp://dustinstockton.com/:

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