Friday, September 21, 2012

Journal Star Calls WSJ Editors and Columnists, "pinkos"

Thursday, the JSEB (Journal Star Editorial Board) wrote a column not favorable to Romney titled "Romney's Quandry and the Nation's".

The editors wrote, "The local Romney apologists want this so desperately to be a case of liberal media bias against a conservative--it gets old--but it's really just a prejudice against political foolishness at the highest level.

Don't believe this page. Believe THOSE RAVING PINKOS AT THE WALL STREET JOURNAL who so badly want Romney to win on Nov. 6, and who concluded in their editorial on Wednesday that if he can't get his act together soon, he'll lose, and he'll deserve to.

Just 47 days left. Tick, tock."

Pinkos, some of you may remember, and according to Webster's Dictionary, is a slang word for Communists.

Not an appropriate word to use against the editors of the WSJ, especially when the WSJ printed excerpts from a leaked draft and printed the contents in full, stating "Maybe Rommney will deliver them some time before election day."

The WSJ editors concluded their column by saying "Surely a man as smart as the former head of Bain Captital can give a better speech on taxes and dependency than he delivered at the (much publized) fundraiser. If he can't, he'll lose, and he'll deserve to."

At no point in this editorial did the editors of the WSJ take a shot at the liberal press.

I suggest, that since I'm retired, I have more time to watch news TV, listen to NPR and other liberal and codnservative stations, read more books including Romney's "No Apologies", a book all voters should read as it outlines the almost impossible task of re-establishing ourselfs as a country most foreigners would respect.

Hard to put in one speech what he wrote in this book in 2010. And admittedly, he does not have the "silver" tongue of the incumbent.

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Debbie said...

No conservative will ever give ANY speach that will please or influence a liberal. And how they like to invoke the words "Bain Capital" in what they are sure will remind people of what a rogue Romney is. This immature name calling is getting tedious. I canceled my subscription to that paper not long after we moved her 18 years ago and I've never had a reason to regret it. Enjoy you comments.