Monday, September 24, 2012

Drug Eradication is a Failure

Today's JSEB (Journal Star Editorial Board) page today has it correct even though the column is a reprint from the Sept. 15 Chicago Sun-Times. I have also called for a national debate on the drug proliferation problem in this country and how it is also affecting the lives of the people of Mexico who are being killed yearly by the thousands.

The article quotes U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner, one of our nation's most distinguished judges, calling it absurd to criminalize the sale or use of marijuana and questioned whether the use of cocaine is all that dangerous.

"Personally, I don't think we should have a fraction of the drug laws that we have" he told Elmhurst College students.

The JSEB sums it up as saying, "If Posner were a politician, he couldn't get elected dogcatcher saying stuff like that.

Which, the JSEB says, "is entirely the problem."

How true.

There is a group active on the Bradley Campus attempting the to influence the Bradley administration to change their rules on the use of marijuana.. However, with the 'stuffed shirts' on the Bradley Board, I doubt if they are making much progress. I have not heard from them recently but perhaps it is too close to the new semester and the upcoming elections including those on campus.

The ridiculousness of our entire drug eradication failure will come to the attention of most of the general public sooner or later.

Thanks to Judge Posner, the Sun-Times and the JSEB,  a thorough review of the failures of the too long existing billion dollar programs is needed now before thousnads of more live are lost in drug wars in Peoria, Mexico, and the entire North America,

Just like the big drug bust recently reported and the killing of Usama bin Laden; dozens, if not thousands are ready to take their place.

Have you seen less violence in the world now that Usama bin Laden has been dead 6 months????.

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steven edward streight said...

Legalizing cannabis sativa (pot, marihuana) would financially harm the liquor industry, taverns, and Big Pharma.

If people could legally grow their own smoke-able sedatives, like our founding fathers did, these industries would practically collapse overnight.

Plus the drug war keeps prisons, courts, and lawyers in business.

It has NOTHING to do with morality or public safety.

It's a ridiculous scam.