Sunday, June 24, 2018

Cross the Border Illegally and Bear Your Children in the U.S.A. - Trump Is So Right

Nobody wants to see families separated just like those separated by prisons. Sure, blame Trump for everything he does and see what happens probably way before 2028. If they hadn't 'snuck' in here illegally, there would be no problem. Ship as many back with thier kids who were illegally born in the fast as we can so there needn't be any  U.S.A. paid costly trials. Feel bad about separation? Read my blog on separation during wars were so many of those separated came back dead or maimed.

Melanie is tired of the bullshit thrown at her and her family so she wears a shirt saying ' I don't really care anymore'. Stick to your guns. I'm proud of you as our FIRST LADY..

There is no stopping the dirty, infested, malignant press short of the coming Revolution which will be bloody. I won't around but what I predict,  will. If  i were I WOULD NOT BE MOURNING MOST OF THE DEAD.

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