Sunday, March 25, 2018

Voter Fraud Endorsed By Illinois Democrats?

Illinois New Voter ID Scam Could Fraud Turn the State Away from Ever Voting for a Republican Again

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A new Democrat vote fraud policy in the city of Chicago has ensured that the state of Illinois will now be permanently turned into a liberal dump. If the new “CityKey” ID card, which Chicago is about to start handing out, is not shot down in court, Republican candidates may as well pack their bags and say goodbye to the “Land of Lincoln.” CityKey is a vote fraud coup, brought to you by the same corrupt political machine that brought us eight years of Barack Obama.
With the new CityKey ID, election officials in Chicago will be able to register illegal aliens, tourists, and Soros-paid out-of-state agitators to vote in Illinois’ elections. We’ll examine each of these in turn below. Short of President Trump invoking the Insurrection Act and sending in Attorney General Jeff Sessions with 10,000 National Guard troops, Illinois could be forever lost — turned into a junior varsity version of California.
Chicago is already a sanctuary city for illegal aliens. The CityKey ID was designed specifically with illegal aliens in mind, as a form of progressive temper-tantrum resistance to President Trump. Life is terribly difficult for illegal aliens, you see. A form of photo ID makes it so much easier for them to sign up for welfare, taxpayer-funded health care, food stamps, energy assistance, housing assistance, disability insurance and whatever additional forms of fraud they wish to commit.
Oh, and there is one more thing that becomes incredibly easy, thanks to the CityKey ID. It is now a valid form of identification for voter registration!
Not to worry, though. The spokesman for the Illinois State Board of Elections says that voter fraud will not take place. He helpfully reminds us that the penalty for voter fraud by an illegal alien is deportation. Unless, of course, the illegal aliens swamp the polls and elect enough Democrats to continue the “Dreamer” scam.
Plus, state election officials in most states never do anything beyond a cursory check to see if vote fraud is taking place. But you’re not supposed to ask questions about things like that. After all, Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin (D) says that voter fraud is a myth.
According to census data and the Department of Homeland Security, Illinois currently has an estimated 511,000 illegal aliens, with 307,000 residing in Cook County. How many more will flood into the Chicago area when they learn that a valid government-issued ID will get them voting rights, welfare, and free healthcare? Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) of Illinois’ 6th District won his election in 2016 by 65,000 votes. The 6th District encompasses part of Cook County, so the math doesn’t look as favorable for Roskam’s 2018 election bid.
In addition to issuing IDs without checking the immigration status of applicants, Chicago will be giving the CityKey ID out to people regardless of housing status. On the surface, this is another bleeding-heart effort to give an ID (which also serves as a bus and subway transit car) to the homeless, but the reality is that it opens up an entirely different can of voter fraud worms.
If a person does not have to provide proof of residency, what is to stop non-residents from paying the $10 fee for the ID, claiming they are homeless and even giving a false name on the application? The short answer is: Nothing.
If an opportunity to commit voter fraud comes up, you pretty much have to assume that the Democrat Party will take advantage of it. George Soros’ minions might be very busy in Illinois come November, thanks to the CityKey ID. Picture busloads of smelly Antifa agitators rolling into Chicago right now, paying for a CityKey ID and then immediately registering to vote.
This is just a Chicago problem, you might think. What’s the big deal? Wrong.
The Illinois State Board of Elections recognizes the CityKey ID as valid for voter registration. So, if a person gets a CityKey in Chicago and then runs off to another county or state, they can still register to vote as long as they claim to be homeless. The only thing that Illinois is registering is a name, after all.
The same person could potentially register to vote in multiple districts and then Soros can simply send in different people to those locations to vote under the false names on Election Day. After all, Illinois does not require identification to vote. You show up, tell them your name and vote.
The real telling thing will be the number of CityKey IDs that are purchased between now and Election Day. Chicago has a population of 2.7 million residents (give or take a few hundred thousand illegals), so if the municipality suddenly sells 4 million CityKey IDs, it will be a dead giveaway.
If you want to know how much of a disaster this portends for Illinois’ future, just look at California. The state legislature there has literally bent over backwards for years to grant illegal aliens the privilege of voting, and every policy today shows it. No bill that has even a whiff of conservatism has a chance of passing in the California legislature. The policies there only get crazier as the downhill slide continues. The only statewide “Republicans” who have a chance of being elected in California are progressive, nutjob, global warming RINOs like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Since the election of President Trump, California has made it illegal for employers to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It is illegal for California landlords to report their tenants if they discover their renters are illegals. And it is illegal for state and local law enforcement to cooperate with ICE. Policies like this will be on the way soon in Illinois as well, thanks to the CityKey ID.
Chicago’s political machine has been corrupt for decades, according to many political analysts. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley was rumored to have stolen the 1960 election for John F. Kennedy. In more recent history, Gov. Rod Blagojevich was convicted of trying to sell Barack Obama’s vacant seat in the Illinois state Senate.
But the CityKey ID takes the cake when it comes to voter fraud. If CityKey works as well as it is advertised, the Democrat Party in Illinois will no longer have to bother registering dead people to vote! They’ll just let the illegal aliens and Soros’ minions do the heavy lifting.

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