Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Anderson Cooper, Mouthpiece of CNN, Has a Live-In Man?

Is he and many in the media jealous of Trump's love life of which I am NOT interested in? Whether he is doing a good job of making America great again, which he is against ALL odds, is of no interest to them. But our Presidents sex life is most important to them. Do I detect more than jealousy here?

Forget about the infidelity of Former President John Kennedy, brother Bob and certainly their beloved brother, beloved also by the Democrats, who was driving a car with a young girl he was f........g with and drove her into a famous river and swam away to let her die?

Or Democrat FDR's mistress who was with him at the time of his death. And the escapades of LBJ.

Hey, Anderson Cooper, I bet your mouth is bigger than your boyfriends you know what. Or is your relationship fake news or just a rumor?

But I forget. We live in an age of where anything goes. I know a person whose daughter and black boyfriend live in the same house as her father and his former wife reside.

I'm probably just jealous.

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