Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Pennsylvania Close Race and Probable Winner Comes As No Big Surprise To Me

With the Democrat left-wing liberal media dominating the media, the constant hammering on everything that Trump and family does or looks like, o....., the new book section in public libraries dominated by novels involving illicit sex, (proven by the very high readership and movie attendance of 'Fifty Shades of Gray", the movies and talk shows advising people that anything goes these days, with drug use at it's highest level ever, with a dominate number of Socialist minded teachers (at all levels in the public schools and most colleges and universities, spewing hate against Capitalism and especially our President, I think the Republican candidate did quite well in a LOW turnout election.

Many of the old Republican dowagers,(who inherited their money from their husband or Grandad, now spending their time watching 300 channels on TV, especially ones that involve their unrequited sex lives and now to old have anyone interested in helping them reclaim what they believe they have lost and have no time to vote) leaving them with no time to see or understand what is happening to this country and no time to vote..

Sure older Republican women are opposed to legalizing Marijuana because they can't believe that their relatives, middle aged, or young, are buying it illegally, making this country  probably the biggest spender on drugs of all kind, including prescription drugs, causing the highest murder rate outside of Mexico and depriving out country of hundreds of billions of tax dollars.

As usual, so sad.

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