Wednesday, March 14, 2018

NCAA May Be Covering Up the Biggest Sports Scandal In the History Of Sports Scandals

A scandal most of us who played the games and follow the high paid sports; football and basketball, have for years and years, known about 'attend for pay or major incentives, new cars to drive or if they did well in sports, keep the car or pay a dollar for ownership, vacation trips and paid trips for family, the name of some 'women' to contact on campus or in the area. etc.

Over the years, a few college professors' have complained about the pressure on the pass players who seldom attended a class. Under of losing their jobs, most relented. Then colleges started offering classes so easy no study was necessary to graduate. If they even wanted to graduate.

If Dick Versace, former college and pro basketball coach were to read this blog, he would get quite a chuckle.

Rick Pitno became the best know college coach fall-guy. A few assistant coaches too, but the big names are ALL out there unscathed. But for the NCAA top big-shots, it's a money game to line their pockets. There attitude is that if they can get by with just a few low level coaches caught in cheating and just one big time coach, why stir the pot.

One reason former Bradley coach, Joe Stowell was eventually ousted was because he wouldn't play the  'pay'to get top talent to Bradley, Of course, the money or incentives to lure players to colleges is usually not paid by the coaches or the University, but by the followers who's motto is win at any cost, just win.

Unfortunately, we all like winners today and cheating to win is much easier as I have blogged on this subject years ago.

So when you watch big name schools who are ALWAYS in the final 4 or 8, you might give what I blog here tonight, some thought.

Pretty sad, but we live in a world of cheaters. I was watching a program on Chanel 85 titled Drugs. Inc.Anybody who believes we are winning the war on drugs, lives in la, la land.

So sad, again.

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