Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kids, and That's What you Are - You Don't Know Shit

Sent to me by a friend. My Heading.  Merle

"Dear 'Ban Gun' Teenagers". 9 kids die everyday from texting while driving. Let's ban your CP's. Also your car.  My comments now. Many of you smoke pot and think you are cool. You dress like strippers. You smoke cigarettes and think again you are cool. You have sex before the age or 14. This nation has more unwed mothers THAN ANY COUNTRY 1st WORLD COUNTRY. IN THE. You have fake ID's cards so you can buy booze and cigarettes. You can't read and you have little idea of what is going on in the REAL WORLD.

Part of your problem is your parents who fear punishing you. Another large problem is weak school boards, Principals and Superintendents.

You are married to your ears and mouth. And Hollywood.

There will be some changes in control of guns. You and those who support you will have little to do with these changes. Regular rifles will not be banned from country kids and from those who enjoy shooting for fun, hunting or target practice.. If lawmakers try to ban rifles to those under under 18, (at 18, youths' may enter the arm services and learn to shoot more than a rifle) most of their fathers will buy them a gun and teach how to use it. If they wish to have one or two.

Sometimes following your 'peers' can get you in more trouble than you can imagine. Don't think that the 2 million or more that are incarcerated are ALL innocent.

If you can, think about the real world. If you don't like it, you are going about changing it in the wrong way.Those top educators' and the leftt-wing press are trying to scare kids and parents into thinking ALL teachers would be armed. Not true at all. Only those who are skilled, fully vetted and extensively trained and who VOLUNTEER to carry a concealed would be armed. Perhaps one for every 50 kids.

I try not to paint every kid with a 'broad brush'. There are far more responsible intelligent kids than those who I describe above.

Israel has had guns in schools for 40 years and they have NO SHOOTING PROBLEMS. Look it up.

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