Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pere - Failure Prelude - I Posted This in 2011


Big Al's Owner is Laughing All the Way to the Bank

Today I received thank you emails from Beth and Chuck, the only two councilpeople who voted against this hugh taxpayer risk, and my friend, Tim Riggenback, who voted for it. When I blogged that this city council and mayor may go down as the worst in history, I did not mean to include Beth and Chuck.

Sandberg didn't show up for the vote. Too bad.

With no insult intended, no $160+ million dollar corporation would have any member of the City Council sitting on their B of D, with the exception of Chuck. And their are a lot of incompetent private and public board members.

It is the people we elect or appoint to office who have caused the cities, states and feds who put us in the pickle we are in. And voters and non-voters need to share some of the blame.

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