Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pere and Marriott - From a know-Nothing Ex-businessman - Nov/ 1/ 2011

Peoria City Council - A Message From An Experienced Businessman

This is the message I emailed to the City Council. I challenge anyone to deny my facts.


To vote yes tonight, will be a serious mistake maybe not noticeable perhaps for 4-6 years from today.

And then, forever.

A reason to proceed? Better present and near future financial condition. relatively meaningless from four years beyond today.

Yes, we need jobs as the union clamor. But this deal is shortsighted. The last two days on the market reaffirm what many believe is that we are already in a double-dip, not highly noticed in Peoria YET.

No projection funded partially by the public has been met this past decade to date. Most obvious one is the ball park. Build a Wrigleyville around this ball park with a financial situation?? You tried it in 2007 when financial conditions were less obvious. (O'Brien Field fails to attract growth, (JS 5/30/07) and "New Stadium Can't Live on Baseball Alone, Vonachen says, (JS) SMG would have the resources to bring other events to the ball park"

They haven't and won't.

Attendance projections were in the 300,000 range. Last year, the drew 188,000. (JS)

The Chiefs couldn't even sell the renewal of the O'Brien name after the contract expired so O'Brien gets a free ride??

Yes, the RivePlex is running but it has not been able to meet the principal and interest from operations as promised by park administration. (See my blog, "RiverPlex: Is it Working Out?" dated October 24, for complete details (except for the lowered risk proposed).

Best wishes,


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