Friday, January 12, 2018

Haiti is Everything Trump May Have Said About Them.

As a tourist visiting this his poor earthquake prone and corrupt country, we were only allowed to visit one manufacturer. A rum processor. We were told it was far too dangerous to visit where the 'real people' lived and those still alive still live.

And that was about 38 years ago.The Haitians now holding public office in this country know that it is a horrible, stinking place to live. That's why they sought sanctuary here. To rise to power and money. And to never return unless well protected. Sure, there are ALWAYS some good people living everywhere but to repeat Margaret Mead time and time, agin, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed.people can change the world".

Ms. Mead meant a small group committed to GOOD but today we have small goups organizing into large groups who are trying to wreck the efforts of the best President we have had in many a year. While the 174 KNOWN terroist organizations now existing in our country, bidee their time. They believe in Allah and the 72 virgins promised them. (What promises do the the women get? Nothing pomised but maybe each will get a couple of enuchs).

If  CERTAIN  people of color can only complain or threaten, I, and those who think somewhat similair as I, ask them to return to their roots. The changes these 'people' are trying to make is to turrn thois country into a Socalist country. I'm sure living, politics and corruption conditions are much better in all the places where their 'roots' lie.

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