Thursday, October 07, 2004

72 Virgins

“72 Virgins” is a short antiterrorism film created by Micah Aron. It focused on suicide bombers who believe they’ll receive 72 virgins when seated at the right hand of Allah. The film contends these uneducated lower class victims of their own destruction, misunderstood what they were told. They actually receive “one 72 year-old virgin.” According to the article appearing in today’s WSJ, the film hasn’t been released. Mr. Aron says the film is not to offend older women or Muslims. He says he is trying to reach the younger MTV crowd where things have to be quick, accessible and funny. To bad that the younger set who can not remember that we left our shores to prevent the spread of Nazism have turned into unrealistic pacifists.

Non-profit organizations are also trying to reach the younger set through such things as billboards asking “Can’t cool people be compassionate too?” Studies show that the younger set, are less apt to volunteer, join or make donations. Reasons? Transient young people don’t feel connected to the local social clubs and don’t have the patience for luncheons or meetings. Young people are easily distracted; if they take a job or volunteer at a non-profit and aren’t moved or impressed, they’ll quickly quit. They often prefer “episodic” volunteering for various causes than long term commitments to one group. Working men and women are too busy which means leadership roles are often left to the older set. The WWII generation joined more, gave more money and more time, but they didn’t pass these traits on to their children and grandchildren.

The feeling of being left behind by a liberated society in America and other modern countries is the major cause of terrorism. The uneducated in the Middle East envy and hate us and because their leadership has kept them shackled to an ancient form of life. I suspect the many virgins in the Middle East are property of those doing the enslavement of their own people. If these virgins are in “heaven” as their leadership tells them, I also suspect these leaders would be the first to blow themselves up to get to “heaven”. As I recall Saddam valued his life more than death and evidently so does Osama Bin Ladin or he wouldn’t still be hiding in a cave.

We hope our “now” generations as they get older will get interested in the real history of dozens of past generations. History does determine most of our future. They must stop and realize stop that at this moment approximately six million citizens of the United States are in prison in this country and we consider ourselves as the land of the free. Unfortunately this freedom resulted in 42,000 highway deaths last year, of which over 2300 were teens deaths in which alcohol was involved.

Remember, the best of all people can be killed by only one of the worst people.

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Anonymous said...

Great points. Since we have not passed on our patriotism to our children properly. How will this affect their childeren's attitude? Are we in trouble or what?