Monday, August 24, 2009

Road to Ruination - A Politically Correct World

One comment on this site compared Muslims to Catholics. Hardly. Political correctness says a cartoonist doesn't put in print an unflattering cartoon of Muhammad or within hours of its publication there will be a demand for its withdrawal by many Muslim organizations. Draw an unflattering cartoon about the Pope or Jesus Christ and it will be displayed by the National Association of Arts in many politically correct museums. Write something like the "Jewel of Medina" by Sherry Jones and have publishing companies like Random House refuse to distribute it for fear of causing "death and riots" by these "politically correct from their deranged viewpoints" Muslim radicals.

Most of us know the story of Salman Rushdie, still in hiding to this day to escape an open season death warrant of this writer, riots, and the murder of the book's Japanese translator due to a universal fatwa issued by a leading Muslim head "Aztec" priest.

Articles published in the WSJ that point out the dangers of radical Islam in this country. Refer to "You Still Can't Write About Muhammad" by Asra Q. Nomani printed in the WSJ on 8/6/08. (She is also the Muslim author of "Standing Alone: An American Woman's Struggle for the Soul of Islam").

The Muslim American Society of Minnesota appears not to be what it's title claims: American. This organization sanctions the beating of wives by Muslims, and regularly promote "going on on jihads with the ambition to die as martyrs". See "Charter Schools Shouldn't Promote Islam" by Katherine Kersten, WSJ, 6/14/08. This article and two columns written for the Star Tribune prompted "politically correct" State Representative, Mindy Greiling, to call for her to be fired from the newspaper.

The always political correct University of Michigan, spent $26,000 to provide footbaths for Muslim students and set up "women only" gym hours for Muslim students.

There are many Muslims I honor, some in our own community and especially Somalian Muslim, and former Dutch parliamentarian, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, now basically in hiding from radical (terrorists and potential terrorists) Islamic Muslims and fearful for her life and others who befriend her.

Arnold Toynbee gets credit for saying that "Civilizations die from suicide; not murder". Some suicidal pacifists across the world like in Sweden are saying we "should be nice to Muslims so they are nice to us when they are in power".

Just like many Germans and Japanese; there were many of German and Japanese descent who gave their bodies and their live to fight against Hitler and Hirohito, we need more people of Muslim descent who condemn the political correctness of the world as a more radical Muslim element carefully works their way to take away our American freedoms; some freedoms in the form of "multiculturalism".

The meek may inherit the earth, such as it may be, after the political correct wolves in sheep's clothing stun the meek and these wolves will become the inheritors after the meek.

I have a diverse file on Muslims and have read a minimum of 10 books on the subject. Also, refer to my blog of 2/1/08 referring the threat the Europeans and soon, us, are and will be, facing.

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Jon said...

Let's be clear, Merle. I compared your FEARS of Muslim immigrants today with many peoples FEARS of Catholic immigrants 130 years ago.