Friday, January 12, 2018

Democrat Leaders, Their Ilk, Certain People of Color, With the Assist of 80% of the Mainstream Media, Are Accomplishing

THEY, not our President, are making our once great country, the laughing stock of most of the world. Putin is giggling, yes, he can gigle, liberal France is estatic, Kim is doing cart-wheels, Communist Castro is handing out cigars, (to the rich who keep him in power, of course) England's royalty, losing power as I type, are wringng their hands, the real power of terrorists worldwide, is on temporay hold, hoping an Obamalike, will soon rise to power in this country, China is wondering wetherer to lend us more money or not, Mexico has been largely silenced by he drug dealers who now control most of the country (including the tourist rich Cancun), India is confused as is Japan.

They watch as the Know-Nothings re-emerge and make it more serious that a woman be patted on her ass, why didn't they slap him or turn their cheek when he tried to kiss you?,  by a former 'friend' or a 'one night stand lover' who they,usually much later, felt he had shunned them, than to negotiating a more realistic approach to global warming, re-assessing the bad Obama Iranian deal, threats by countries hoping to obliterate Israil and do great damage to areas protected by the U.S.A., illegal immigration, never eneding drug problem. Why never-ending? Easy answer, why are stores, filling stations, liquor stores, the internet, etc., all selling liquor, once illegal but now embraced by an oveer-whelming majority. Liquor meant to be recreational, (ha,ha0 with a growing number of alcoholics.

Yes, it is now more important to so many losers and lairs, like Dick Durbin, of Illinois, who thinks it is more important to hold his position than REALLY attack the mental health plague he promised to me personally, to seriously work on 19 years ago. (I'm still waiting, liar)

All world events threatening so many of our ways of life, yet the medias are having a field day knowing that people want more sensationalism' then facts that are non-fiction.

Read on, I blogged a bunch today and I'm now tried and amazed at tthe stupidity engulfing our country.

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