Friday, October 20, 2017

Worst Major League Baseball Managers THIS Year Were "Dusty" Baker and Joe Maddon

Baker is out. Who is next???? Sure, the Cubs looked like wimps and they were. But they won their Division, the weakest in the majors. And were lucky because of wrong moves by now ousted "Dusty" Baker.

I earlier picked Houston to win it all. My early on odds were that Cubs were probably 15-1 by Vegas. I'll go over their weaknesses tomorrow. And why they may be years away from even making to another World Series. And, no, I do not read the Chicago newspapers nor listen to the boring analysts.

Yes, I played and coached baseball, last playing in 1993 at Hohokam Stadium in Mesa Arizona. At the age of 67. My coach moved me up from ninth to fifth in the lineup stating "show these young guys how to hit". I did. Had 10 hits in 32 trips, including a game winner, completing my Fantasy.

Kirk Wessler of the JS wrote the following about the event, "Among the 1994 offering of baseball literature is a book titled, "Sometimes a Fantasy; Midlife Misadventures with Baseball heroes". Written byJeff Quinn, the book is a first hand account of a week at Randy Hundley's Chicago Cubs Fantasy Camp, where baseball fans fo to to spend a week playing with and against their heroes.

The book is notable for the inclusion of two Peorians, Merle Widmer and Dick Eagleton. Widmer is mentioned in the text as having been traded from the author's club to help shore up an injury-depleted roster. And Widmer and Eagleton are listed in the final-game boxscore".

Not mentioned was now deceased Peorian Royce Elliott, former Peoria star athlete and Nationally renowned comedian. who emceed the closing banquet and played in the final game.

Great memories and some good pictures/.

Cub fans. Keep your memories of last year and erase most memories of this year", a year both exciting at times and disappointing in the end. Look for some changes in both players and management or it will be a long time before another World Series. probably not 1907 years, though.

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