Thursday, October 12, 2017

Community Word, Owned by 17 Democrats Also Prints Vile Untruths By Sherry Cannon

Here is one of Sherry Cannon's frequent lies. Her headline is, "No Justice or Mercy in Donald Trump's Department of Justice". She ends her diatribe by writing, "We have more black people under the age of 16 in our prisons with mandatory life sentences than any other country in the world. This administration will be one of the CRUELEST since the post-Reconstruction Period". Fact - We have NO 16 YEAR OLD black people in our prisons with mandatory life sentences. She also wrote that "we will get through all the EVIL that Donald Trump brings". (6/17) And she handles youth programs for Carl Cannon's Youth Groups. Dear God, no wonder Peoria leads the State in Black STD"s and Black's failure to take advantage FREE EDUCATION.

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