Monday, March 20, 2017

Wire Tapping Surveillance Dead??

I saw on my computer where a $4 million dollar settlement was agreed on by two companies in the sex toy business. It involved a device that is inserted in a woman's vagina from which electronic waves transmitted through wireless space to erotically stimulate jointly a male or female from as far as the U.S.A. to Australia. To as far away as Australia, the article says their "is an additional charge".

You don't believe that some people wear or insert or a device that can STIMULATE OR MORE while they work.Don't believe, look it up. It's somewhere on the internet.

If such a thing can be done with sex toys, think of the many ways. Trump's conversations could be intercepted in other ways than "wire tapping" which is similar to main frame computers being basically obsolete.

 If you don't see the connection, I suggest you join the REAL world. With all trump's haters and enemies like multi-billionaire, George Soros providing the dollars, he absolutely was BEING LISTENED TO BY SOME ELECTRONIC  DEVICE.

The Democrats and Socialists are doing their best to stop our elected President from doing his job.

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