Thursday, March 09, 2017

Roger Marshall, Republican From Kansas, Is So Rightt

Read carefully everything he said. Sure, it wasn't "politically correct' but he was right on. Bleeding hearts will hate him but that is the nature of not being "politically correct" I told a Sister one time that you can't save all people. She said"no but we try".

That is what the Bible says but it also says we will always have the poor.

Correct and millions of them will always stay that way no matter how much you help them. Look at the thousands of "homeless" attempts that have failed worldwide. Read my blog about the 5 years I was on a homeless committee in Peoria years ago.

So sad but what he said is absolutely true.If he runs for reelection, he will win if voters in Kansas have any sense. They did when I lived there but things always change.

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