Saturday, July 16, 2016

Trump and Pence - I Can See More Clearly Now

I watched the entire Republican V-P presentation this morning. As a Christian, I forgive Pence for his stance on issues that are contrary to my factual thinking. It is only human to disagree. It is only human to err. It must be only human to forgive acts and statements that are forgivable.

Pence is an excellent, well thought out, choice to be the running mate of the next President of this great country, the United States of America. I very much would like to be in Cleveland but my daughters and my own common sense said, old man, don't go. While I was in Tampa four years ago, unfortunately, I do not have the physical strength I had then. But I had a ball supporting Romney in Tampa.

While people like Ray LaHood and many other Republicans are advising Republican voters to stay at home in November because of statements Trump has made, these stay at-homers are only going to give the presidency to the corrupt Hillary and a failed group of so-called Democrat leaders. Look at the mess Demorat controlled Illinois is in.

Please, readers, don't be naive. Trump was and is saying in public what most people like Ray LaHood say in some semblance of privacy. Woman and men both; I believe women moreso, will be friendly and say nice things when face to face, but when backs are turned, the criticisms flow.

Trump has guts but he is way to smart to be recklessly dangerous. He is a proven leaders who made mistakes but to be successful, like he is, he made less mistakes than others. Please don't say sure because he had a lot of money to start. The road to success in business is littered with those who also started out with much money but blew it. He realizes that our leadership of people and country must be greatly improved; that the Republican patry is doomed to become a third party if the Establishment, in which Ray LaHood played a major role, does not come to grips that this is not the country of our fathers and grandfathers.

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Merle Widmer said...

Sure, Illinois has a Republican Governor who is stymied by the Madigan's, Durbins, etc., and a Democrat legislature. Illinois is a prime example whyTrump cannot succeed in passing much needed legislation and changes this country needs if the Republicans do not hold the House and the Senate. While Republican control of Congress has not been impressive, Trump and Pence will embarrass them forcibly and publicly if they do not do better starting in January, 2017.

Ray, if you are really a Republican, and not deep down, a Democrat, you will use your influence to make the changes in the Republican Party you did not make while working for Obama, the worst and most ineffective President in my memory.