Saturday, July 16, 2016

Associated Press is a Shitbag Overflowing With Left Leaning Liberal Reporters and Top Management

Constantly deriding Trump and going easy on the corrupt Clinton's. Today Peoria Journal Star Democrat  criticized Trump for having his name printed larger than Pence. No kidding? Is Pence the Presidential candidate or Trump. How much more stupid can the AP and other left-wing liberals get?

Then they and the PEORIA JSD printed a criticism of the Trump/Pence logo saying that liberals thought the logo had a "sexual look". To liberal reporters, it probably does. The AP and other liberal women probably have over sized vaginas and the men have skinny dicks.(penis envy??)
Otherwise, how could they print such stupid stuff?

So sad that the media can't just print the fact backed news and do more factual investigating reporting. What a better country this would be.

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