Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Alcohol: The Worst Overall Drug Sold Legally - Case in Point

A young girl goes to a party. Whether she went alone or with others is moot.
She may have been drinking alcohol or may not have been when she arrived is moot.
A young man arrives at the party (repeat above)
At some point the two meet up. She severely intoxicated. His alcohol content is double the legal limit.
At some point they (together) go to a semi-secluded area and a sexual act is performed.
Whether she was unconscious during the act or became unconscious by the large amount of alcohol she she consumed is not know nor is it impossible for anyone to know.
Their performance was witnessed (at some point) and the young man ran off. Possibly under threat of two possibly larger young men or a natural impulse to run, guilty or not. Ask any policeman.
At some point, she was taken to the hospital where she denied remembering anything that happened.
Reports indicate no scratches or bruises on either the girl or the boy.
Reports indicate that none of the girls clothing were torn.
Reports do not indicate if any tests were taken to see if the two boys may have participated in the copulation. Just a question. Were any tests taken and if not, why not? Young people learn to lie at a very young age.(When I was in the service, I was told of a gang (gang meaning anywhere from two to whose counting?) rape on base on an intoxicated social service worker)

Questions. Where were the girls friends or acquaintances who saw she was intoxicated and called a cab or her parents or anyone with authority? Who put on the party and what were their actions while intoxication by participants was taking place?

Based on information presented publicly at this date, I stand behind the decision of the judge. But I also call for a much more complete investigation. Events may take on different forms and witnesses stories may change under more intense interrogation of all involved.

But, as is often too late, too many assumptions are made and decisions rendered before all the facts are in. Men, and boys should be warned early in life that if they have "relations" with a woman, all she has to do is claim she was raped and the Man/boy will 90% of the time be automatically arrested. Somewhat similar to rear ending  another vehicle. You are AUTOMATICALLY guilty no matter what stupid thing the driver ahead of you did.

If the girl can't remember anything, that is all she can testify. Also, when people are intoxicated, "shit happens" using approximately 16,000 deaths a year in intoxicated related vehicular a horrible example.Millions of lives are altered by alcohol. Many people are "closet" alcoholics as I know first hand. And thousands are basically bedridden. And, no, I don't drink alcohol or "soft' drinks, nor have I ever done drugs except legal prescriptions.  Period.

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Merle Widmer said...

Petitions are nebulous. Most people do not have the facts but they sign on the headlines. Some jurors won't serve under the judge. Big deal. Certainly not uncommon. Just not published by most sensation seeking liberal media.

Send me a petition to sign to support the judge and I will gladly sign it. As for three black teens complaining that his picture was not a mug shot while most blacks are published mug shots,

Not true at all. When i was arrested on a phony 2013 charge of which I was never convicted, my mug shot showed up in 10 different locations. I'm white and believe blacks need better leadership. Martin Luther is not only turning over in his grave, but spinning.

So sad.