Thursday, June 02, 2016

Ray LaHood Won't Vote For Trump??

Goes against your Republican Central Committee's declared statement. "It is better to vote for someone you dislike because it keeps the position open for a more qualified person in the next elect". What say, Ray.

There is no doubt that Darin is more of a Republican than you ever were. If you weren't pretty much a a Republican with Democrat leanings, Obama would have never appointed you as Secretary of Transportation. A position for which you had NO qualifications. Many have forgotten your fumbling and bumbling over the attempted billion dollar "highway to Chicago", the six hundred million Rt. 29 impossibility, your attempt to force Florida to build a high speed rail from Tampa to Orlando where the major costs would have fallen to all taxpayers, but mainly those in Florida and I could go on and on.

So I will. People never remember your signature on a petition to expand LINCOLN Library where books sit that no one has read in so many years, they used to stick together, where programs are scheduled but only the spokesperson shows up. Most of the time one could shoot a gun through that library and never come close to hitting a patron among the seldom used bookstacks. Yet at the same time, you wrote me a letter saying it was not your job to help Peoria Public School District 150 with their on-going problems.

If you vote for a Democrat President, you and stay-at-home registered Republican voters will help eventually kill the party. Sooner or later a strong candidate will emerge to lead a third party and the Republican Party will then become the
third party".

Sure, Trump is not a guy I would have a beer with but he is the best choice out the worst choices one could imagine.


Randall said...

Trump is the best choice in your opinion? Nice to see you are still batshit crazy.

Merle Widmer said...

Comment by Randall Emert. If you recall, when Randall ran for City Council, he drew 13 total votes.


Merle Widmer said...

Not to be forgotten is that Ray LaHood withdrew approximately $4 million from the Highway Transportation bill, money that was to go for highway infrastructure and donated this taxpayer money to help build the underground parking garage for the PRM. Most of you may remember that this new downtown museum was to be funded by 2/3rd private dollars and 1/3 taxpayer dollars.

This failed museum was in actuality funded by 2/3rd taxpayer dollars. I have a Bankers Box full of records to prove everything I wrote (approximately 14 blogs) as to the REAL FACTS on this major Peoria boondoggle.

To find these blogs, just enter PRM or Lakeview on the upper left hand side of any blog I've written.