Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why Was Brian Elsasser Removed From the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission??

Don Gorman of 4914 Longview Place in the Heights (same Village where Management Services Committee Democrat Chairman Mike Phelan Represents) was appointed to replace Elssaser before his appointment expired. All Republicans and 2 Democrats voted no.

I was asked by an email to me as to why. Some say politics has entered more heavily into County government. As to the appointment, you will need to ask County Board Chair, Tom O'Neill who makes all appointments.

Maybe Brian who occasionally reads my blogs will make a comment in the comment section below.


Merle Widmer said...

I have asked Chairman O'Neill to replace me on the City/County Landfill Committee where I have seved 5 or more years. I asked that my replacement be a younger Republican.

I complete my third term in December and am not running for re-election. I am supporting Repblican Mary Ardapple.

Brian Elsasser said...

I wish your blogger would have called me for an explanation, because I consider the issue ended. However, since you inquired, this is what transpired. Several months back, Chairman O'Neill called and told me I was going to be removed from the Commission because he owed a political favor to a friend. All 6 County Board Republicans and 2 Democrats opposed this change because they don't believe in political patronage, there will be no Peoria County Board Republican Members on the Commission, and there will be no one from the rural area representing Peoria County.
Several of my fellow Commission Members from Tazwell and Woodford County and one from Peoria were shocked at the fact that this type of politics could take place here in central Illinois. They also expressed their support and appreciation for all the times we worked together to save the taxpayers thousands of dollars by doing what was best for the region.
We live with the Chairman's decision and move on to other issues such as the budget and Belwood Nursing Home. God Bless!
Brian Elsasser

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know who the political favor was for, and why it was in place to begin with. I think we, as voters, have every right to know. I don't expect to hear it from Mr. O'Neill, but I'd still like to hear it. In the end, I want to know why a person (Don Gorman) who is not a county board member, and has never been one, was appointed to this very important position. And, I know that you (Mr. Widmer) have to be somewhat careful about the postings from your readers, but I think my comments are legitimate and should be posted, regardless. Thanks.